Beach Bum Brothers Unit

Beach Bum Brothers

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Meeting Time

The Beach Bum Brothers Unit will meet on the following dates:
Tuesday February 7 – 1:00pm at Adrea’s Italian Restaurant in Yorktown
Tuesday April 18 – 1:00pm at Adrea’s Italian Restaurant in Yorktown
Tuesday June 6 – 1:00pm at Adrea’s Italian Restaurant in Yorktown
Tuesday August 1 – 1:00pm at Adrea’s Italian Restaurant in Yorktown
Tuesday October 3 – 1:00pm at Adrea’s Italian Restaurant in Yorktown
Friday December 1 – 5:00pm at Poquoson Lodge No. 49, Poquoson, VA

2017 Officers

Captain: J. Richard Rawls

First Lieutenant: Arthur Gandy

Secretary: Bruce Edwards


The Beach Bum Brothers were formed in March of 2010 and have grown to 4 Active Members and 4 Associate Members. In 2010 we participated in the Daffodil Festival Parade in Gloucester, the Spring Ceremonial at the Khedive Shrine Center, the Fourth of July Parade in Yorktown, the Mid-Atlantic Shrine Association (MASA) Parade in Virginia Beach, the Suffolk Peanut Fest Parade in Suffolk, supported the IHOP/Shrine Pancake Day at the IHOP in Yorktown and the Fall Ceremonial at the Khedive Shrine Center.

As you can see, the Beach Bum Brothers are an active Unit and a group that truly likes to have fun. As we continue to grow and participate in various Shrine activities, we hope to establish ourselves as an important part of the Khedive Shrine. You too can be a part of this fun by joining a Unit or Club and participating as much as you can. We would like to encourage you to join with us. We are the guys wearing the bright orange Hawaiian shirts, shorts, sandals and sunglasses and ride Segways. We are laid back and love interacting with the folks along the parade routes. Seeing how children’s eyes light up when they see us approaching them on a Segway is so rewarding. If you are interested in joining our Peninsula Unit, please contact Captain Richard Rawls.


Dues for Active Members are $100.00 per year. Dues for Associate Members are $50.00 per year. To be an Active Member of the Beach Bum Brothers Unit requires each member to purchase and maintain their own Segway Unit.

The Membership Application requires a $25.00 fee with the application. The membership application form can be printed out and filled in.

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