Khedive Building History

In May 1979, at a business meeting of the membership it was voted on and approved to purchase 16 acres of land at the former Greenbrier Nursery, in Chesapeake, as the future home of Khedive Temple. By a vote of the Temple membership, each member agreed to donate $25.00 a year for three years to finance the purchase. Due to payments in advance, the property was free of debt in eighteen months.

The construction of picnic shelters and kitchen, by the Nobility, on the property was completed and the area was officially opened for use when our three flags were raised over the property in August 1981 during the Temple’s annual picnic.

Construction on a new Temple Activities Building commenced in the Spring of 1981 and was scheduled for completion in the Fall of 1982. The cornerstone for the building was set in place on January 3, 1982, by Illustrious Sir Bob Monell, his Divan and Illustrious Sirs Buddy Bagley and Buck Hurley.

On March 30, 1994, a special call meeting by Illustrious Sir Charles Taylor was held to appropriate $101,000 to construct the extension of the Greenbrier Activities Building to provide office space for the Oyster Bowl, Recorder’s and Potentate’s office; Motion carried.

A business meeting of Khedive Temple was held in the Khedive Temple Activities Building on Wednesday, May 18, 1994. At this meeting a motion was made to sell at fair market value the Khedive Temple Mosque on Freemason Street in downtown Norfolk; motion was voted on and carried by a two thirds vote.

At the business meeting of Khedive Temple that was held in the Virginia Beach Pavilion Theater on September 28, 1994, a motion was made to approve the resolution to change the Khedive Temple address from Reon Drive, Virginia Beach, to 645 Woodlake Drive, Chesapeake; Motion carried.

In 2004 an addition was added to the Butler Building to house the transportation vans.

Our sincere thanks and congratulations to all the Nobility without whose help, aid, and assistance Khedive could never have achieved these goals.

Old Khedive Building

New Khedive Building

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